Advizzy is a software tool that helps HR and Executives retain employees, by enabling them to provide advice anonymously to their employees.

The platform allows employees to receive professional or personal advice from specific peer groups of their choice. Additional benefits allow employees of a company to get timely and anonymous mentorship from other registered users within their company. “In our ever-connected world, the need is greater than ever for a digital way of connecting people to immediate comforting advice,” says Suzanne Senior-Mitchell, Advisory Board Member. This can be a great communication tool for management to truly understand concerns within its organization, as inquiries are anonymous on a third party environment.

Since less than 10% of employees use their Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the company aims to relieve harbored stress for individuals using its digital solution. A marketplace like Advizzy can help increase a company’s productivity equating to increased sales, and not to mention saving companies on stress-related costs. The company offers free memberships as well as custom pricing for companies with a large number of employees, marketing to be an excellent addition to an Employee Assistance Program.

“Providing convenient emotional wellness support like this platform will equip your employees with the tools they need to successfully tackle their job and better manage life balance. I can see an increase in employee morale and retention for companies. ” Sabrina Molinaro, Certified Advisor and contributor on

About Advizzy, Inc. (pronounced Advise-zee) connects people to personalized anonymous advice for happier workplaces. The company was founded in 2014 by Certified Emotional Intelligence advisors and a small group of investors. is an advisory platform used by companies looking to increase employee wellness and productivity through convenient peer mentorship. Its network already includes Fortune 500 companies like Sunlife, REMAX, small businesses, and hundreds of qualified certified advisors.


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