Advizzy is a software tool that helps HR and Executives

retain employees, by enabling them to provide advice anonymously to their employees.

Be in the know

64% of employees work with stress every day. Become an Advizzy member to understand the challenges your employees face. 

Provide guidance

Give personalized advice anonymously to your employees on a safe third-party private platform.

Boost retention rates

Increase productivity and gain employee loyalty through virtual mentorship.

Office workplace

How it works

Use on a desktop, tablet or mobile.


Invite employees to create an account anonymously. They will select their personality type to receive more relevant advice.


Employees can post anonymous questions and select the profile type for the people they would like advice from.


Employees will be alerted when peers or licensed advisors who participate on Advizzy have given them advice.


The HR / Executive will get a general report with the categories of questions being asked. Profiles are never shared.

Mentioned in the news

“This service allows us to understand staff disagreements and concerns that exist…We can increase our retention rate by addressing some of our staff’s challenges without their fear of non-privacy.”


Executive, RE/MAX

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